Readings on financial crisis

The Future of Finance – in depth analysis of 2007-2009 financial crisis from the London School of Economics

Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission – website of the commission created by Congress to study the crisis.  The final report was published in December 2010.

Senate Investigations Subcommittee, Levin-Coburn Report On the Financial Crisis (April 2011): overview of the crisis and case studies (GSEs, Washington Mutual, Goldman Sachs, etc.)



Financial Markets & Institutions by Mishkin and Eakins


The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets by Mishkin (Business School Edition)


Corporate Finance, 2nd Edition, by Ivo Welch.  Free online version.



Annual reports


J.P. Morgan Chase (read chairman’s letter first)


Berkshire Hathaway annual reports (going back to 1995)


Full texts of books at the site of the University of Adelaide (including “The Wealth of Nations” by A. Smith, Keynes’ “General Theory” and many other authors)


Walter Bagehot (1873), Lombard Street


Louis Brandeis (1913), Other People’s Money 


Alice in the Wonderland Jabberwocky


Full texts of several books on the history of finance (in Russian) from 


G. Orwell’s Politics and the English Language



Small Business Statistics blog

Some summary banking statistics



Milton Friedman on money and gold standard

Milton Friedman on the FED during the Great Depression


Federal Reserve and the Financial Crisis – four lectures by B. Bernanke (for undergraduate class at Georgetown in the Spring of 2011)


Other readings

G. Akerlof - Writing the "The Market for 'Lemons'": A Personal and Interpretive Essay